Thursday, 23 April 2015

How to Get an I am Training for a Spartan Race Shirt

Ever since she got into obstacle racing and Spartan Race Jemma has craved on of the "I am Training For a Spartan Race" shirts. She's hunted high and low on eBay and online but the reality is that to get on of the T shirts you have to attend a Spartan Race training workout.

Jemma in her I am Training for a Spartan Race t shirt
Last weekend after seeing them advertised on facebook we headed up to the Regional Athletics Centre in Manchester to attend what we hoped would be a tough workout with a few obstacles to challenge us. Sadly we didn't get any obstacles but we did get a nice Bootcamp style workout with a Spartan Race theme. I'm sure I did more burpees in that one hour than at the whole of the 2014 race series put together (and I missed a lot of Spear Throws!!)

Jemma outside the Etihad Stadium Manchester. Shame she's a Red!
 For Jemma the main thing about that free workout was finally getting her hands on a I am Training for a Spartan Race T Shirt which she will now wear in the gym with pride.

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