Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Our Adventure at the Rat Race Dirty Weekend 2015

Jemma and Liam hit the Rat Race Dirty Weekend 2015

The Rat Race season continues for us and this is the second race we have done. Jemma as eager as ever was keen to see just what the main Dirty Weekend event would be like and for Liam it was a case of joining up with the marshaling team for a free weekend.

Jemma at the Dirty Weekend. Ready to be a #ratracer
We also dragged good friend Mark along for the weekend too.

Mark generally looks like this all the time!

Friday, 1 May 2015

Loads of Awesome Spartan Race Team Name Ideas

Spartan Race Team Name Ideas

Jemma and I really love Spartan Race. It's the event that got me into OCR events and for Jemma it's been a big part of her fitness journey over the last couple of years. We're not going to deny that a Spartan Race event isn't going to be tough and push you outside the comfort zone of running in the park or lifting weights in the gym but for us it has a competitive challenging element that's somewhat lacking in Tough Mudder and some other events.

Spartan Race is great individual or as a team

The joy of a Spartan Race is that despite it's individualistic nature which means it can be treated as a race there's a huge proportion of participants wanting to make their way round and experience the feel-good factor of the finishline and a nice well earned beer. For that reason if you're not contesting the elite wave and want to get a team together from your local bootcamp, school run or fancy a bachelor/ hen party with a difference it's a great time to gather a group together and go for it.

Here's a Selection of Team Name Ideas for Spartan Race and other Mud Runs

Inspired by Spartan warriors, race conditions and the infamous 30 burpee penalty for failing an obstacle.
  • Achilles Heels
  • Burpee'd Out
  • Burpee'd Off
  • Dirty 30's (Named after the number of Burpees you must complete at every obstacle failure)
  • Team Aroo (Aroo is the Spartan war cry)
  • The 300 (After the film)
  • Leonidas' Lions
  • The Spartan Warriors
  • No Surrender
  • I Hate Burpees (You might just love them by the end)
  • Keep Calm and Spartan On
  • The Sprinters do Spartan
  • Muddy Love
  • I am Spartacus
  • This is Sparta

Team Muddy Race Take You Through Spartan Race

Mud Related Team Name Ideas

  • Band of Mudders (great is you're a group of soldiers tackling an event together)
  • Dirt Up My Skirt
  • Dirt Up Ya Kilt (For the Scottish racers)
  • I Can’t Believe It’s Not Mudder (Play on the dairy spread I can’t believe it’s not butter)
I can't believe it's not Mudder

  • Dirty Mudder Funkers
  • Dude… Where’s My (Insert trainer brand here as someone might lose them in a bog somewhere on course)
  • The Dirt Digglers (Great for a group of guys if you fancy dressing in 60's attire thinking you're Mark Wahlberg)
  • Sexy Mudder Funkers
  • Mud Sweat and Tears
  • Mind Over Mudder
  • Mud Flaps (Great for a group of classic car enthusiasts or Max Power readers)
  • The Dirty Dozen
  • The Muddley Crew (Grab some wigs from the fancy dress shop and go in character)
  • Mud Mud Glorious Mud
  • Happy as Pigs in.
  • The Mudarellas
  • The Mudstaches (Head to the fancy dress shop for some mustaches or grow your own as part of Movember and raise more money for charity).
  • Pure Spartans (Ideal for a team from the chain Pure Gym)
  • LA Spartans (Great for a group from an LA Fitness Gym)
  • The Muddy Virgins (If you're from Virgin Active health clubs)
We're sure you can come up with plenty of other Spartan Race team name ideas to enlighten, inspire and have put onto T Shirts

Gather together your team for a Spartan Race or Mud Run