Monday, 23 February 2015

Time to Lose the 'Rich Pringle' Beard

Whilst my leg was initially in plaster it was hard enough work standing up- Let alone having a shave so I went for quite some time without lathering up and shearing off. I've had family members telling me I looked like a paedophile (Thank you Brother!) and friends telling me I'd "Let myself go" and needed a bloody shave.

Jemma had started to call it my "Rich Pringle" after the UK Spartan Race Race Director's impressive facial hair and it does seem to be a predominant thing in the OCR community to let your hair grow. With guys like Mudstacle's Andy Parry being another sporting rather significant facial hair including mustache it seems something the community has embraced although I'm not really sure that a muddy, shitty beard is what I'd want to come away from a race with. Maybe all the racers are more concerned with training than their personal hygiene or simply spend so much time training that they don't have time for a relationship with a razor?

The Rich Pringle beard- Definitely not a Liam look.
As soon as I started to shave the beard off I started to feel much better. I had originally said that the beard would stay whilst I was in a plaster cast but in honesty it had started to get on my nerves. Looking down and seeing errant hairs and then there were the occasions where it itched. I'm me when I'm clean shaven and in some smart threads. Even in the gym or on the bike things must look right together and me with a beard simply looks wrong.

Looking much cleaner after a session with the clippers

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