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Jemma Does the Rat Race Dirty Weekend 2016

Rat Race Dirty Weekend 2016

Jemma finishing the Rat Race Dirty Weekend 2016

This year coming to the event where I had an idea of the terrain and obstacles was a good thing and a bad thing.  Tried and tested kit depending what the weather was going to be on the day.  With 9 am start the sun was starting brighten up for a great day out on course.   I decided that I would use my Inov-8 X-talons with my Sonico compression top.  Compression calf guards with a pair of ¾ Capri bottoms.  This suited me well as the calf guards seem to help when in the water as I seem to cramp a lot while in water for some reason.  We was advised there would be a change of course and wouldn’t see the water sections till around mile 6 unlike last year had at mile 4.  The water sections are for me weakest thing and found a big struggle to do last year.  Knowing I am not a strong swimmer which I am lucky to do 100 meters at best.  This would certainly be a more mental challenge for me to overcome.

Liam was already be an hour in front of me and I hoped he would enjoy the day and have not too many ankle or knee issues. He would find me when he finished his race and run the rest with me for much needed extra miles for The Wall event in a few short months.  With me doing the 24Km ram run a few weeks back with various runs under my belt felt I was in a good place with running.  Was a case of finding a good pace and keep going which is what I did.

I loved some of the new areas. Old Skool area was ace got to barge two rugby guys and did my best to least to get one off guard.  The space hopper obstacle, proper genus.  Yes still suck on a space hopper they bloody hard going.  In the Men’s Health area a climbing hold wall to get to the top and down. I felt proud after 3 attempts I got up and over my own without help.  Mud pit area the high wall with small wood foot holds I managed that without freaking out and needing help.  Just small things felt more confident and showed where made improvements.  There is still a lot to work on which on a lot which I still don’t have confidence.  Lower self-down from tall walls, fireman’s pole, and the new platform swing obstacle.  The new obstacle called the hangover I attempted many times to try and get feet up and hooked into the cargo net.  I was disappointed not to be least get up and only few short weeks before managed my 1st toes to bars movement at Crossfit.

The steady pace I had found and stuck with between obstacles in my last miles of the course was paying off dividends as found was over taking people time and time again who was doing a fast run stop, fast run stop technique.  Seeing the mile 19 marker I started to flag weather was I knew the end was in site or was starting to flag completely.   Did a small fast paced walk till I saw there was a big cue at the Cargo net going over the lake and then hot footed to the cue to get into it ASAP.  I waited for least 15 to 20 mins but I really wanted to achieve doing this which in turn affected my time racing. 

Down the final slide to finish the Dirty Weekend. 20 miles of obstacles done

Coming to the last furlong I was shouted in the crowd from someone who I wasn’t expected to see. Jack an old school friend was supporting a friend of his and again wasn’t expecting to see me either quick hug and was off.  By this point was tired and getting up the climbing holds this time was more of a challenge than on the Men’s Health wall earlier in the race.  Liam cam to help me and with major struggle I got onto the maze of containers which would lead to the final slide finish.  Finishing this race I felt good place a state compared to 2015.  Major improvements there. Was great to see many of the Team Muddy Race guys out there on course as managed to catch up with a fair few who started wave before me in wave 4.  Great banter was had, weather was fantastic next year?  Yes please, sign me up.

All smiles at the Dirty Weekend finish line

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