Saturday, 7 November 2015

Red Bull Robin Hood Review 2015- Orienteering Meets Obstacles

Jemma's Adventure at the Red Bull Robin Hood 2015- Orienteering Meets Obstacles

Jemma ready to roll out at the 2015 Red Bull Robin Hood, Sherwood Pines

This event couldn’t be in a better position than on the doorstep at Sherwood Pines.  So when this came up for 2015 Liam quickly signed up for it as I left a little too late and all the individual tickets was sold out.  Trying to get a team together was proving difficult than I anticipated asking round my CrossFit box and the usual Facebook boards was able to secure myself a place.  With the coming Edinburgh MHSOF Liam pulled out because a knee injury which left him not doing the Nottingham Half Marathon Men's Health event.  The entry was then passed over to me by default (Wink, wink). 
With the event been so close to home would be cheeky not to ride to Sherwood Pines, with the misty start I ended up taking off my glasses and riding without then as decided with slightly dry eyes not to wear my contact lenses.

Getting to Sherwood Pines and the great people at Pines cycles looked after my bike quick change of shoes off to register at the event there was loads of people all dressed up and acting as if from Medieval times to give a great vibe.  With plenty of coffee, water and of course Red Bull there was enough caffeine in my body to keep me going for some time.  After been given last minute prep talk from Liam on what to do.  Jemma remember we are north of the forest if you get lost.  Who he was kidding me get lost absolutely is going to happen if someone was to back me to get lost 1st I would be the 2/1 favourite.  Liam bid me farewell as I went for my briefing as was going to play on and around the red route and would see him later on.  No doubt muddy.

The Red Bull Robin Hood Event Village

Robin Hood gave a brief talk about what was going to happen regards the event and was lead into the forest where a Red Bull gazebo was erected with more Red Bull on offer to drink.  Never mind that I was in need of the little girl’s room now.  So it seems every guy had the same idea as well and saw plenty of men finding their own spot.  After finding a suitable area was time to make a circle which was given a map scroll to read one minute before the start of the race.  Looking at the map couldn’t even find where I was with where I was on the map.  This wasn’t looking good already and the flow of people in equal measures went separate ways.  For the next 75 and a few minutes extra (will get to those few minutes extra shortly).  Bumped into a couple and kind of tagged along with them and between the three of us trying to find A, where we was B, where that pesky checkpoint was, C try and complete some tasks.  The two tasks we did encounter was the Sherry cask barrel roll and flip to get extra marks which I did with ease.  The second one was a balance beam with a broom which wasn’t allowed to touch the ground or the wood frame.  Me and co-ordination, well that didn’t do so well with the 3 allotted attempted I failed.  But off we went.  After getting a checkpoint it dawned on us three we need to head back as we had 20 ish mins left and a bit patchy on where we was.  Making a move and landmarks not exactly presenting itself estimated that was about few miles from the finish oops.  After finding where needed to go I ended up running ahead as the Lady in the couple was flagging and with basic direction and two groups of walkers I found the finish yes I was 8 minutes late = 80 points deduction  leaving me a grand total of 30 points.  At least was a minus number great fun was had.  The weather was with us dry and sunny.  Liam had much fun on his bike all over Sherwood Pines and was at the end to congratulate me on me at least finding the finish line

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